Forest Protection

Forests are an incredibly important habitat for several reasons. In our project areas, they are home to critically endangered species such as the Temotu ground Dove. Forests provide a suite of ecosystem services such as providing clean water, reducing landslides and erosion, regulating local weather patterns as well as providing food and materials for shelter for the local people that live in and rely on these forests. 

Please find below our projects to do with Forest Protection.




Carbon Trading

The forests in Temotu Province are under increasing threat from exploitative industries that will degrade and destroy key and long established habitats for endangered species. We are working hard with communities to provide an alternative to these industries to keep the cultural and ecological value of the forests but also provide communities with an income. Carbon Trading is a real alternative and is of special interest to local land owners with intact forests.  Through the REDD+ programme communities recieve ongoing payments if they keep their forest.